Our staff

Wayan is our regular house maid.She will make your stay in the villa to an unforgettable experience.She is there just for you 6 days a week,eight hours a day and speaks very good English.


What can she do for you:
  • prepare and serve your breakfast;
  • buy fruit,fresh vegetables and chicken meat at the local market where she lives;
  • order fresh bread at the local bakery;
  • prepare and serve your lunch or dinner;
  • daily cleaning of the house,changing linen and towels on a regular base etc.

If there are more than two guests in the villa, Komang,sister in law of Wayan will give her a helping hand.


Binter is our gardener. He works 6 days a week.He cleans the pool ,the sundeck and the 'bale benong' and takes care of the garden the rest of the day.
He speaks English quite a bit.


From 6 pm to 6 am the next morning we a have security guard. His name is Komang.He likes to play on his 'gamelan' during dinnertime. It is quite safe in Bali but at the request of local authorities we have a guard employed as a form of employment opportunities.


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Wayan & Komang