Anik is our help desk assistant. You will meet her one or two days after your arrival in Rumah Buka. What can she do for you?
  • The local authorities like to know who is staying in the village of Dencarik where Rumah Buka is located.Therefore all guests have to be registered.We will pay for the costs.
  • It might come in handy to take a copy of your passport with you and hand this over to Anik . If you do not carry a copy than Anik will take your passport with her for registration and return it to you afterwards.
  • If you need medical assistance,consult a dentist or pharmacy,she can assist you.
  • If you have something special to celebrate she can arrange a colorful Balinese dancing group with a traditional gamalan orchestra.
  • If you want to make sightseeing trips and you cannot decide where to go you can seek for help with Anik.
  • If you like to make use of WiFi and the available laptop in the villa or you like to use the internet connection for your own laptop , smartphone  or tablet and you have questions how its works,she probably knows the answer.